Dear fellow allotment holders,

I just wanted to give you an update on our progress on the Ronan’s Trust allotment.

In February we had a wonderful working party made up of volunteers from Ronan’s Trust and fellow allotment holders who helped to clear the site and take down the old shed that was on the site.

The original plan was to do up the shed but on closer inspection it was very rotten in places and was a playhouse rather than a shed so access was through a small door and we felt it more appropriate to get a shed that was more easily accessible.

We are very grateful to Bisley Parish Council who have donated some funds for us to purchase the new shed.

It then took a little while to get the next stage organised. Setting up a charity takes sooo much longer than you think.

We have a wonderful allotment leader, Sarah, who will be taking care of the plot on a regular basis with me. However, as you know things can quickly get out of hand while we get things ready for our new members to enjoy. We are always looking for volunteers to join our teams so please get in touch.

Last week a small team got together to assemble the wood, so generously donated by Graduate Gardeners, into three fabulous raised beds. We are hoping to get funds for more shortly and we are actively fundraising now for some top soil to fill them!

Soon the shed will go up and our potatoes and raspberries will begin to fill out along with the couch grass!

If you are aware of someone who has been bereaved who would like to come along and join in please pass our details on to them.

Thank you to everyone I have met for your warm support of the charity and a huge thank you to all of those who have helped us so far, especially Dave.

With Best wishes

Emma Tyer