Experimenting with potatoes

By Liz Howlett

For the first time this year, I decided to grow my potatoes on the soil surface and not underground. In previous years my potatoes had been eaten badly by pests. I placed them on top of the ground and covered them in about 2 feet of BCCS compost. They have grown fantastically and have very little pest damage. The area where they have grown is now deep in mulch and can be planted up next year with something else. It has been a very successful experiment.

2 thoughts on “Experimenting with potatoes

  1. If we mulch our vegetable beds, and do not disturb the soil too much, this helps earthworms, beetles and other creatures of the soil. In turn they help us. We destroy them at our peril. It is SO important not to use pesticides, herbicides, those so called gardening ‘aids’ advertised on television that include Roundup all of these KILL our friends in the soil. If we leave or encourage Mother Nature, working with her to do her own thing, we will be helped in turn ……as Liz’s potato post confirms.

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