Grow, Make, Bake

Asian Hornet found on BCCS site.

BCCS reps met with a rep from the bee-keeping association (who also has contact with DEFRA) on site.

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Summer 2017

Despite the drought followed by crazy storms… followed by a drought, allotments/allotmenteers have persevered

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why do we need Iceberg lettuce from the USA? We can grow a wonderful variety of over-wintering crops on our plots – such as the young tips of kale, red cabbage, sprouts, and some of the Chinese salads are winter hardy – red mustard, mizuna, mibuna etc. If you have fleece or a polytonal there are some great varieties of over wintering lettuces, and vitamin filled greens such a Miners Lettuce. I think we can do without icebergs flown in from America – we can grow our own!

Your food bank donations


Go to Stroud Food Bank page for updates on your donations, feedback on how your food is distributed and some stories of how important your donations are.

The Gardeners Friend -A Leopard Slug has been found on Bisley Community Composting Site. This spotted slug is carnivores and feeds on other slugs – so, if you see it DONT use slug pellets or kill it – it is helping the gardener!!

Lemon Drizzle Courgette Cake

Lemon Drizzle Courgette Cake
200g grated courgette
125g butter, melted

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Compost Awareness Week & Maye Bruce

“Compost Awareness Week” on Sunday 8th May

Held on Martyn’s Constable’s Allotment, where he plans to plant legumes

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