Summer ’18 at the allotments

Plot 15, Pete Benn

Pete has had a fantastic first year at the allotments, with a crop to make any veg grower envious!

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Experimenting with potatoes

By Liz Howlett

For the first time this year, I decided to grow my potatoes on the soil surface

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How to Grow Celeriac

At our annual gathering several people asked about Celeriac. Sue’s advise is it is a bit of a tricky vegetable, but with a rich soil (lots of compost),

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Plot numbers

You may have noticed that our kind volunteers and created and distributed numbered plot stakes to each of the plots.


Summer 2017

Despite the drought followed by crazy storms… followed by a drought, allotments/allotmenteers have persevered

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Why do we need Iceberg lettuce from the USA?

Well, we don’t.  We can grow a wonderful variety of over-wintering crops

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The Gardeners Friend: the Leopard Slug

The Gardeners Friend -A Leopard Slug has been found

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