Monthly Archives: July 2020

Summer 2020

A wonderful growing summer -was COVID19 telling us something about “Growing Your Own”? ¬†with many new and positive allotment holders this year. Thank you to all those who have had allotments form some years for your help and friendliness to new people and also responding to the survey of your reasons for having an allotment -fantastic response that will be posted soon.


On August 15th we will celebrate the National Allotment Society’s 2020 theme of “Growing Food for Health and Wellbeing” (a theme chosen well before anything was known of the pandemic). At 3pm Caroline Sheldrick will do a ‘walk and talk’ about “Healing Plants” and at 4pm Annie Parfitt will help us all understand health and wellbeing for hedgehogs – now a recognised endangered species. Please bring tea and cakes for ‘bring and share’ – and your own cups etc, plus pick veg off the plot to create your now unique pizza topping. Sue and lesley will provide pizza dough and Dylan will cook your concoction!!

Note that Social Distancing (or Dancing as I accidentally called it earlier today) must be observed and if there is a spike in cases be aware if guidance changes we may have to cancel.