Annual Get Together 2021 “Plotting for the Future”

Allotment holders celebrated National Allotments Week 2021 on Saturday 14th August, exploring the contribution allotments CAN make to our future. A few members of Bisley Community Orchard and from BisCAN ‘s “Biodiversity, Nature Recovery and Food Group” joined us, and we all enjoyed the workshops in brilliant sunshine: –

Andy and Jeannie, organic smallholders from Horsley (they lived in Bisley a few years ago) gave a great presentation on fermenting, pickling, canning, bottling and drying their vegetables. It’s not so difficult to have home-grown food all year –no plastic, virtually energy-free, and no waste – all good for a more sustainable food future.

Ian, BCCS Director, explained why peat should not be used for in gardening. He listed commercial outlets (on BCCS and Allotments websites) where good quality peat free compost is available (in addition to BCCS’s own peat free compost of course). Note that our own Stancombe Farm shop is now stocking Sylvagrow, a recommended peat free compost (limited supplies until next spring)

Caroline showed everyone her organic allotment designed for wildlife. Her plot, with its gorgeous display of wildflowers, demonstrates we can all grow our food – vegetables and fruit – and help nature.

The “Growers Question Time” session turned (quite rightly) into informal chats with delicious home-made cakes and tea.

This event showed that “Growing Your Own” food, on an allotment, or in your own garden, is a positive way we CAN help address Climate Change, Biodiversity and Nature’s Recovery.

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