Danger from selective weedkillers used on lawns

Important: members are warned not to bring to the allotments any grass clippings from lawns that have been treated with products containing Aminopyralid or Clopyralid herbicide in the previous year. Such products selectively kill broadleafed weeds that are growing in grass. Unfortunately these Aminopyralid and Clopyralid herbicides are persistent, and can kill plants that are later given compost made from grass that has been treated with them. Please either ask your lawn care company to confirm that their products don’t contain Aminopyralid or Clopyralid, or check on the RHS list of products, link 2 below.

1. RHS advice about the issue of Aminopyralid and Clopyralid poisoining compost

2. RHS list of products containing Aminopyralid or Clopyralid

3. Article about this problem affecting gardeners in the USA

Best of all, of course, go organic in your garden, and stop using weedkillers.


1 thought on “Danger from selective weedkillers used on lawns

  1. In 2019 we held a survey as to whether allotment holders would like to ban glysophate.
    Although the majority said they didn’t use only relatively few went so far as t say it should be banned – a variety of reasons including not wishing to impose bans on everyone and trusting that education will change people’s minds.

    Should we have another survey now there are more allotment holders and also warning about the pyralid poisons lurking in many garden treatments?

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