OUT OF SEASON: Following the overwhelming generosity of our special Christmas delivery, collections are now on hold until the new growing season when Summer blooms in 2019.

Your Food Bank donations

Thank you for all your very generous donations over the past few weeks. It’s been a bit up and down so please keep giving, however we have been able to donate a wonderful amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Please leave all donations at the Allotment Hut before 11am each Friday.

Friday 7th October. As well as generous donations of root vegetables, sweetcorns, tomatoes, apples and herbs we donated a beautiful and colourful posey that was particularly commented on. The flowers donated in the week previous had been very well received with a lady suffering from mental health (depression) being greatly appreciative of the flowers. It’s so important to hear these stories and gives everything we do such validation.

We would like you to know that your donations are so much more than simply excess food, they show the people who are suffering during a really stressful time, be that from mental health or just economic misfortune, that there are people who care enough to provide fresh produce. I can assure you that your donations are genuinely appreciated and anything you can spare goes to such a wonderful cause.


Friday 14th October. Some more feedback from our donations this Friday, which included more apples, red cabbages, squash, herbs and another beautiful posey.

The volunteers at the Food Bank were able to share more stories of how the fresh produce is really appreciated, especially where these individuals and families have been living on dried and tinned food only.

Thank you to those that have been donating the herbs, something I wouldn’t have thought to donated. One story was of a chef who was delighted to see the herbs, being able to give that extra touch of flavour to basic food.

The flowers again have been massively appreciated and in fact the posey was shared between two people, with a gentleman to take back for his unwell wife, and another lady. It’s these small touches that mean as much as the food itself.

In terms of the actual food donations, the fresh vegetables and fruit have been really appreciated, especially to make wholesome food for families including stews and soups. One family living with only a slow cooker were delighted to be able to add the fresh vegetables, especially with teenage boys to feed. Lots of people have been happy to see the apples for eating and cooking.

I know a few of you have raised concerns that the ‘organic’ nature of the food would put people off. That is not the case at all, especially due to the exposure by various TV Chefs, most people understand that carrots and root vegetables aren’t always straight, and leaves get nibbled. In addition the volunteers at the food bank are also giving basic cooking lessons and showing people how to get the most from having fresh vegetables.

Also we must mention and give a big thank you to our own volunteers for delivering your generous donations each Friday directly to the Food Bank sessions.