Ronan’s Trust provides nurture and support to those who have suffered a close family bereavement.

Through gardening together, and having the opportunity to join our craft workshops we offer a nurturing environment in which families can “be busy together” with others in a similar position. Working together on the land and through crafts offers the opportunity for people to create friendships and reduce stress.

Working with the Chestergate Allotments at Bisley, the Ronan’s Trust are offering Community Days, starting with a Spring Planting event in April 2016.

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Bisley – Bereavment Support Allotment Gardening Groups

Come and join our Bereavement Support allotment Gardening Group.

Come along and get to know your allotment and the other members of Ronan’s Trust who are taking the opportunity to work together on their local allotment.  Learn what to start growing when, and how the trust can support you to grow your own and benefit from working the land and meeting others who are also adjusting to life following a bereavement.

Visit the Ronan’s Trust website to find out how to get involved.

June 2016 update from the Ronan’s Trust