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The Gardeners Friend: the Leopard Slug

The Gardeners Friend -A Leopard Slug has been found

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Lemon Drizzle Courgette Cake

Lemon Drizzle Courgette Cake
200g grated courgette
125g butter, melted

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Compost Awareness Week & Maye Bruce

“Compost Awareness Week” on Sunday 8th May

Held on Martyn’s Constable’s Allotment, where he plans to plant legumes

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When did you last see a hedgehog?

By: Lesley Greene

Campaign for hedgehogs!

Slugs are a real pest on the allotments but the allotment field has wonderful birds and we have hedgehogs snuffling around in the allotment hedges. Not only do Hedgehogs eat slugs but , like many previously common wildlife, their numbers are declining faspoison_signt.

Slug pellets are poisonous,

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Ronan’s Trust Charity Allotment

Ronans_Trust_LogoWith YOUR agreement and support Plot No 8 has been allocated to the Ronan’s Trust.

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‘Sod’ layering to compost

Taking up your lawn? Making a new bed out of grass?  TURF makes excellent compost, really beautiful results, but has to be done in a certain way. Now is the time to do it for the spring. ‘Sod’ layering, like lasagna composting

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“Yogar” at the Community Orchard

Suppleness, Strength and pSychological well-being

Back in the summer, we ran a pilot scheme to provide free yoga, open to all. Dubbed “Yogar” (Yoga for gardeners); local resident and yoga instructor Amy Hughes lead the sessions, helping aching gardeners to stretch and strengthen all those muscles essential to keep them digging and sowing!

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