Asian Hornet found on BCCS site.

BCCS reps met with a rep from the bee-keeping association (who also has contact with DEFRA) on site. The conclusion was that the colouring of the hornet was similar to the Asian hornet so precautions are being taken.

Liz (bee-keeper) has set up two traps, one in the willow by the container and one in the tree near the leaf bins. These will be checked. Two laminated posters showing differences between hornets have been put up on site.

The Asian hornet is characterised by the fact that it is generally dark brown with only yellow markings on the 4th segment of its thorax. The ends of its legs are also yellow.

Asian hornets are entirely carnivorous, feeding mainly on our native bees, and find allotments, and compost, appealing because that suport so many insects for them to eat. They don’t eat any vegetation at all. If any are caught in the traps, DEFRA would have to search the whole area to a distance of about 500 metres to find the nest. If an Asian hornet is spotted flying, please call the Allotment Warden and note the direction it is going in to give us a clue as to the direction of the nest.


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