When did you last see a hedgehog?

By: Lesley Greene

Campaign for hedgehogs!

Slugs are a real pest on the allotments but the allotment field has wonderful birds and we have hedgehogs snuffling around in the allotment hedges. Not only do Hedgehogs eat slugs but , like many previously common wildlife, their numbers are declining faspoison_signt.

Slug pellets are poisonous, and the slug itself becomes poisonous if eaten.

Please share your thoughts on how to protect your veggies and hedgehogs at the same time!

One new way of stopping slugs eating your plants but protecting hedgehogs and birds from eating poison is: seedsofitaly.com

3 thoughts on “When did you last see a hedgehog?

  1. Cute slug eaters – what’s not to like with a Hedgehog. Also if you ever hear one up close (as I did when one got in to a dis-used outside loo and investigated a bucket of vegetable peelings), you will know why they are called …hogs – I thought there was a pig in there!
    Out with slug pellets and in with Hedgehogs – they don’t cost anything and you don’t have to ‘apply’ them to your garden like you do with poisonous pellets. Think on before you use slug pellets – you may not care about killing rats and mice, but they also kill owls, buzzards, kites etc as they eat the rodents who have eaten the slug pellets and then they die. They also kill pet dogs who think they are tasty and even 1 or 2 can kill a small dog.

    I use sharp grit and plant out little plants instead of starting from seed in the ground – this means you can get plants going earlier than if you sow direct.

  2. Also – try the slug stoppa granules – sort of like dried clay – they are REALLY good and last through a few downpours.

    Nemaslug is also brilliant but needs time to keep the soil damp (not a problem right now!) plus high enough temperature – they do really work if you apply them as directed – maybe for a specific area of slug -preferred lettuces etc.

  3. I’m going to try copper mesh as apparently slugs and snails don’t like crawling over copper. Copper has low reactivity therefore is corrosion resistant and won’t pollute the ground, plus is tough so can use year after year – let you know how it goes!

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