Companion Planting

By: Lesley Greene

In answer to the question, how to prevent pea moth – discussing companion planting.

I had an unexpected success with companion planting in 2014. I planted a short double row of celeriac, then a double row of leeks (Bulgarian Giant from “Real Seeds”) then another double of celeriac, then double of leeks, then a double of celery, then leeks, then double of carrots etc etc.

I had fantastic celeriac, no carrot fly and great leeks…..maybe I was just lucky but I will be trying it again this year.

I have a suspicion that my success last year was that the leeks and the celery and celeriac were planted thickly – in a double row, whereas the carrots were in one single thin row…..I suspect that’s what prevented the carrot fly. But all grew very very well (in BCCS compost!!)

Chase Organic Catalogue has a guide book to Companion Planting by Michael Littlewood books.

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